Monday, 8 September 2014

NHL Expansion Rumors

If any of you are NHL fans, you probably heard the various rumors swirling around regarding some potential expansions teams sprouting up.  Frankly, I am somewhat surprised by these ridiculous speculations.  How can commissioner Gary Bettman even consider adding teams to the league when so many are failing.  I think that many hockey fans would be shocked by the financial failures of many "successful teams."  I have no idea how this ever got so bad, but if I was Gary Bettman; I would start by addressing the financial disaster which is the Arizona Coyotes and other teams of that nature.  

If it was not for Rogers basically buying the entire league's broadcasting rights', teams like Arizona would be out of luck.  Rogers essentially controls everything now, and is obviously going to limit what CBC and TSN are able to do.  Essentially, the contract will put more focus on teams in the United States than ever before.  Games will be more readily available, and hopefully it can generate a larger fan base for teams playing in non-traditional hockey markets.  Don't get me wrong, the contract is enormous for the league.  However, it just seems like another piece to the puzzle for Gary Bettman.  Intentional or not, the guy works solely for himself and the United States.  He is completely close-minded to any ideas that would involve the relocation of an American team, regardless of how much money the league pays to keep it afloat.  

It is beyond me how Arizona has lasted this long as an NHL franchise.  They honestly have no fans!  Players do not want to play there because the city could not care less about the league, or even the sport.  I can guarantee you that over half of the state cannot name a single player on that team.  The entire well being of that franchise is botched, yet Bettman still insists that they cost the league 30 million a season.  Of course, that is no big deal as Bettman can simply use the revenue generated by the Maple Leafs to cover that loss.  

Now, there's even talk that the league will consider slapping down a new franchise literally right beside the Maple Leafs.  If Bettman opened his eyes, he would see that nearly 99% of all Ontario citizens do not want another team in Ontario.  We already support two teams, and Bettman should have a little bit of respect in this matter.  I am completely open for trying out a team in Seattle or possibly Quebec City.  However, I do not approve of expanding the league by four teams, as projected!  Why does Bettman not simply take Arizona and haul them up North to a real hockey market and see if the team can succeed.  I can guarantee you that the team will instantly improve financially in a Northern location, whether it be Canada or the U.S.